Can the Queen murder is she pleases?

When you watch fictional stories like Game of Thrones with witches, wizards and white walkers it is strange to think that some of the most ridiculous things in shows like this are actually true. One of the scariest parts of that show was the power the royalty had, and today many Kings and Queens hold ultimate authority over their countries. What about the Queen of England? In a country that is ruled by a clear democracy could she go all Cersei Lannister on us and commit whatever crimes she liked? 

In short, yes, she absolutely could. In reality, this would never take place as the people of the UK would likely riot and step in if she ever started to act a little too blood-hungry. Let’s not forget that she is also 93 years old so her blood lust days are long behind her. 

However, in theory, she has the absolute power of the country and so could do as she pleases. The Queen of England has been granted both diplomatic immunity and sovereign immunity which means that she could commit any crime she liked in any commonwealth country and in the UK without facing prosecution.

If you consider the British legal system; it is upheld by the police, who swear an oath to the queen, the courts, who all represent “the Queen’s counsel”, the army who also swear an oath to the queen and the people who are the queen’s loyal servants. She has full control over everything. She cannot be prosecuted for a crime and if she wished she could dissolve parliament. 

The idea of a Queen of a country; someone chosen by God and born into power is so archaic that it boggles the mind that it still exists in any country today. In the UK taxpayers support the life of the royal family every year. Last year alone they paid $104 million to the support of the royal family. At the same time hospitals go underfunded, homeless uncared for and numerous other issues that require additional funding are left without.