How does a giraffe sleep?

The internet is an amazing place as it allows us to answer some of life’s great mysteries. One of the best questions we have ever been asked is how does a giraffe go to sleep? When we found out we just had to write about so that everyone could know this amazing truth.

If you think about it, it is a pretty good question. Imagine if you had long legs, long arms, and a massive neck. How would you do it? Would you lay flat on the ground or in the fetal position? Would either support your neck enough? To even get down to the ground is an achievement for the long giraffe so after studying their technique we are happy to reveal.

A giraffe does sleep on the ground so its first objective is to get there. To do this a giraffe bends its front legs and starts to lower its body to the ground. It packs itself up pretty compactly but then has a massive neck to deal with. The giraffe will then bend its neck so that it can use its own butt as a pillow. The incredible idea sounds pretty comfortable and based on the evidence we have seen giraffes seem to enjoy it. 

With such a comfortable sleeping position it is surprising to learn that giraffes don’t sleep that long. They only sleep in 15-minute naps and total only a few hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. Once they finish they then have to get back up, another tricky exercise. They must first straighten their back legs to prop their body up, then straightening the front legs allows them to stand up totally straight.

You would think with the amount of work they put into lying down they would stay there longer, but no. A short nap and they are back in action. Do you know anyone that sleeps like a giraffe? Please send us some pictures if you do.