How to defeat the common cold

In 2020 the coronavirus sent shockwaves around the world. It has resulted in the deaths or sickness of an incredible number of people. It has also shown how bad people are at treating illness and following the right steps. The common cold alone is a good example of this.  The average child will get seven colds a year, the average adult two to three colds a year. The reasons for this are simple; poor prevention methods.

While the spread of covid-19 has highlighted the inadequate procedures in place to stop the spread of disease across international borders it has also shown that we need to do more as individuals. According to doctors the most common reason for the spread of a cold is that people don’t isolate themselves. Too often in a work or school environment, someone continues to turn up despite being sick. 

While this may seem at the time like they are being strong and fighting through they are likely creating a domino effect in the office where three or four others will end up leaving the office due to illness in the coming weeks. 

As the coronavirus has highlighted people are uneducated on how to act in times where the infection is likely. During the cold season, it is best to wash your hands regularly, more than before eating or after the bathroom. In addition, if you must cough or sneeze you should do it into your elbow to avoid the spread of germs. 

The best way to avoid getting a cold is through a proper diet, not smoking and regular exercise. This ensures your body’s immune system is operating at its highest level. While you can’t treat the cold itself you can treat the symptoms. The most important thing is to not spread the cold to more people, as it’s run will continue unabated unless people take the sacrifice by staying at home.