The oddities of the human body

The human body is a strange and wonderful thing. While day to day we get used to the way it behaves, when we look at the action of the human body over a long span of time we can’t help but notice just how odd it really is. Read on to learn some of the weirdest and most wonderful facts out there.

Hair is something that we barely notice every day yet it has to be one of the strangest parts of the human body. These dead cells are all over our bodies and are constantly growing. The average person will grow nearly 1000 km of hair during their lifetime. That is the equivalent of driving all the way from London to Zurich in Switzerland. If that is not weird enough, three of those kilometers will come from your nose hair!

If you have ever had a tiring day and had to put your pen down in work because you simply can’t take on any more information, you may be right, the brain does have a limit. However, that limit is pretty high at 86,000 bits of information per day! If you are maxing out then you definitely deserve a break.

Some people can lift incredible amounts. It makes you wonder what the limits of human potential are. A study has shown that if every muscle in the body was able to pull in the same direction it could lift 25 tons. This explains why at your latest CrossFit class they keep telling you not to rely on your shoulders alone, let those other muscles help out. Technique beats strength every time.

When it comes to the human body the weirdness never ends. The human sneeze travels at 160km an hour. While this strange statistic is of absolutely no use to you, we are certain you are now more content in knowing.