Little differences between men and women create gap in understanding

Does your partner always wake up earlier than you or do you always wake up earlier than them? In the past, you may have put the difference down to routine, work, stress or just laziness. However, it now appears that sex is a strong factor as well. The differences between men and women have been well known for years but new research is now showing subtle differences that have a big impact on our daily lives.

The male heart is about 50% larger than the female heart. This means that the female heart has to do a little more work to achieve the same results. The male heart beats around 70 times a minute while the female heart is over 80. While it has no health-related issues it does mean that women run on a slightly higher circadian rhythm and will feel tired earlier in the evening.

Women have smaller stomachs too. This allows men to digest food faster. Men on average are able to digest food every 24 hours while women digest every 28 hours. If it seems like the man in your relationship uses the bathroom far more than the woman, he probably is! The slower rate of digestion is not just caused by stomach size but by the amount of estrogen which appears to relax the bowels and colon.

Testosterone plays a role in differences too. Men’s hair tends to grow faster as a result of testosterone. While the difference is only around 6% it exists. Interestingly though, male hair although growing faster does die quicker. Male hair will only grow for three to five years before falling out while women’s hair will grow for five to six years.

We are not saying that women are from Venus and men are from Mars, we share far more similarities than we do differences, but we are different. Understanding these differences can make you more accomodating of your friend or partner. The next time the man in your life goes to the bathroom, again, understand. The next time the woman in your life wants to go to sleep early, again, understand. People come in all shapes and sizes and we must try and be more understanding of everyone.