Nature’s ugliest mushroom

The world is an incredibly beautiful place. Some of the most wonderful things to see are formed by nature alone. An incredible sunset, a tall mountain, a gushing waterfall. When you stumble across some of nature’s beauties they stay with you for a lifetime. The opposite is also true. When you stumble across something truly disgusting in nature it stays with you for a long time as well. One of the most disgusting things we have ever seen is called ‘The Bleeding Tooth Fungus’, the name says it all.

The bleeding tooth fungus is a mushroom that is pale white with a deep red fluid oozing from its pores. If you try really hard it could look like a melted marshmallow with some jam in the center, but that is being too kind. In reality, the bottom of the mushroom looks like long teeth, and on the surface, the blood of some person who wasn’t brushing their teeth enough and suddenly gave them a strong clean.

The bleeding tooth fungus is most commonly found in Europe and America, generally spotted near to coniferous trees. We are not telling you that so that you can seek it out though, we really don’t recommend looking for this rare beauty. It is one better left to the wilderness. 

The mushroom does have some beneficial properties. It can be used as an antibacterial and the beautiful blood color (yes that is sarcasm) is also used as a fabric dye. Although it looks like it must be one of the most poisonous mushrooms in the world, it isn’t. The mushroom has no poisonous properties at all. Perhaps this mushroom is a life lesson that looks can be deceiving. We are told that it tastes quite bitter though, so this is one life lesson that is a bitter pill to swallow.