Arto Hakola

The amazing alligator

The alligator is one of the only animals in existence today that was also there at the time of dinosaurs. These fascinating creatures still look like they come from another time and place and are incredible to study. Read on to learn and understand more about the amazing alligator. 

If you are ever swimming in the ocean and see an alligator approaching, then wake up! Because you must be dreaming. Alligators are not able to digest salt and so are only found in freshwater systems. They tend to prefer warm water and warm weather too so will often be found sunbathing. If you ever see an alligator with its mouth wide open, it is not waiting for food delivery, that is how it cools down. By opening its mouth wide it lets out an excess stored heat. 

Alligators are seen as a keystone animal in their ecosystem. This means that the very ecosystem they are in depends on their existence. This is why alligator conservation is so important because without them we would see full ecosystems of animals in trouble. While animals should thank the alligator, most will not get the chance. The alligator is known to feed on fish, birds snakes, turtles, and even larger mammals. Basically the alligator will eat anything it can and has been known to devour animals as large as cows.

Alligators are incredibly strong. While they are keen wrestlers, it is their jaws that do the real damage. An alligator can exert 1,000 pounds of pressure with its jaws alone. Female alligators can grow up to 2.7 meters tall but male alligators can be as tall as 4.6. These massive animals are not to be messed with.

These are just some of our favorite facts about the alligator. Let us know in the comments if you have ever seen an alligator in the wild.