Robert Fischer

The strange squid that has everyone baffled

The deep-sea remains largely unchartered waters. While man has discovered nearly everywhere above land, the majority of the sea remains a mystery. One recent discovery of a potential new type of squid is a perfect reminder.

The Okeanos Explorer has been given the task of exploring the deep sea. The Explorer is a research vessel operated by the U.S National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The Okeanos Explorer has already become famous for its many discoveries over the years. In the depths of the deep ocean, it has found new forms of glowing jellyfish, an octopus that looked more like a ghost and some battling octopods that looked more like Krakens. Yet the latest discovery has scientists even more excited.

When patrolling the sea bed researchers found a creature that looked like nothing they had seen before. The large red creature was behaving very strangely and it took the Explorer a few moments to realize they were looking at a squid. The posture of the squid made it appear like something else entirely and this behavior has never been seen before. It had its arms folded in extreme directions, purposefully, as if using them to collect something from the sea bed. 

Researchers currently hypothesize that the creature was collecting small particles of food. If this is true then the researchers say it makes no sense considering everything they know about the squid today.

They are yet to determine if it is a completely new breed or just a very rare one. One squid that has confused researchers for some time now is the Discoteuthis discus. This creature has never been found alive and the remains that have been found have never been complete.
If this creature is the Discoteuthis discus then it will be the first-ever found alive. If it is not, then it is something new entirely. The Explorer will have to return to the site to conduct more analysis, who knows what else they will discover.