The truth behind the life of a sloth

To many, the sloth animal is living the ultimate existence. Although one of the seven deadly sins has been named after just how lazy this animal is, to many it is the dream life. Yet the sloth existence is not so perfect. Once a week the nightmare of a sloth comes true when it has to leave its safe paradise in the trees and go to the dangerous ground. It does this for one reason and one reason only; to poop.

Sloths not only move slowly, but they digest slowly too This means that sloths only have to poop once a week. Sloths spend their entire lives in trees for comfort and safety and will only leave for two reasons. The need to poop and because they accidentally fell out of a tree while asleep.

Researchers have been baffled to date why sloths choose to leave their lovely trees to defecate on the ground when half of sloths deaths take place at this moment. While some researchers believe it is to aid their symbiotic buddies, the moth, others say it is a signal to sexual partners of what tree they are hiding out in. We think it is just because a sloth is polite enough to know, you never poop where you eat!

Whatever the reason, sloths do risk it all. Yet the visit to the earth must be an incredibly satisfying moment for the sloth as they have been holding out all week for the big occasion. Sloths can poop up to one-third of the entire body weight in one sitting. This huge weight and slow digestion must leave them feeling incredibly constipated. So while you may think the sloth is living the dream life, think again, they don’t even have a pharmacy they can visit to purchase a laxative!