Top tips for your next Airbnb getaway

Airbnb has revolutionized the family vacation. In the past, for a family to stay in a hotel, it was incredibly expensive. You either chose to shove everyone in one room which was a little cramped or you had to spend on numerous rooms, or worse, a suite. Today there is a viable alternative. Airbnb allows you to rent an entire home or apartment at around the same price as a hotel room.

When Airbnb first came on the scene it was much cheaper than a hotel room. As the demand has gone up, the price has increased to match and now prices are roughly similar to hotels. This means that depending on what you are looking for both are still good options.

If you are looking for somewhere comfortable, with space, and your own kitchen, an Airbnb is what you need. If you are looking for convenience and guarantees then a hotel still probably caters to your needs better.

When searching on Airbnb it is important to check whether you are booking a room or an entire apartment. We have had experiences where people try to hide that little detail and show you pictures of a number of rooms only to tell you on your arrival that only one is for you. You can filter your search by neighborhood, price, and amenities so if you are looking for somewhere family-friendly, it is easily achieved.

You can contact a host before booking and it is usually a good idea to ask a few extra questions. Avoid asking for an extra discount though. Prices on Airbnb are set for a reason and most hosts will not be impressed if you ask for a discount. Many have actually commented that the ones who ask for a discount are the ones who respect their home the least. The final piece of advice is that more often than not, you are in someone’s home, so respect it. Don’t leave a huge mess even though there is a cleaning fee charged. Be kind.