Javier Brosch

Why your pet needs a healthy diet

It took a long time but it appears that the majority of people are slowly starting to understand that their diet matters. There is still a large number of people who eat terribly and will pay the price with their health but there is also a growing percentage of people that now understand the importance of a healthy diet. This is great. However, it is now time to go deeper. While we are starting to look after our own health, and even the health of our children we now need to start thinking about our pets too. Pets are animals just like us and a negative diet will impact their long-term health. For years we have neglected our pets by feeding them scraps from our plates, or other foods that simply don’t suit their needs. Read on to ensure that you are looking after your pet in the right way.

Giving them your food

This is just a terrible idea. There are many foods that animals simply can’t eat and by emptying your plate of food into the dog bowl at the end of the meal you are not being careful enough. Not only this but your pet will develop a taste for your meals and from then on, every time you eat they will think they get some too. This can be awkward whenever dinner guests are over.

You can prepare homemade meals for your pet but you must ensure it meets their dietary requirements. Talk to your vet or google your specific breed of animal to get a better understanding of how to give them the right food.

Expensive pet food

Pet food is big business. When you walk into a supermarket the pet food section is clearly getting bigger and bigger. It now takes up an entire aisle. This means there are a lot of choices and not all are good for your dog. There is a large price differential too. You could buy the white labeled products at a low cost or go for some gourmet food instead.

When choosing your pet food don’t be fooled by price alone. There are many expensive brands that are now offering good food, just a nice label. There are many low-cost brands too that are simple and effective. Research each brand online and see what other pet owners think about it.

Byproduct is a dirty word

When we buy food for ourselves and it says in tiny writing that it “contains animal byproducts” we tend to put that item back on the shelf and walk slowly away. These byproducts mean that the less tasty parts of the animal have been used to get some protein or other nutrients into the meal. While this is not ideal for us, it is perfect for pets. Things like liver, kidneys, and more are not high on our list of favorite foods but they are packed full of nutrients and would be great for your pet. If you see the word byproducts, don’t be alarmed, this could be good news.

Think twice about raw

Raw is the latest sensation in the pet food market. Wild animals obviously don’t cook their meals they eat raw and are perfectly healthy as a result. However, take a look at your little puppy – how long do you think she would survive in the wild? Not very long. Your animal shouldn’t be treated like a wild animal because she is not a wild animal. Studies have shown that raw meat can cause huge issues for an animal while cooked shows far less. Research your animal in detail to know what is best for it. If in doubt always consult with your vet.